Putrajaya to hold conference to promote Malaysia-China ties

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Putrajaya to hold conference to promote Malaysia-China ties

FMT Reporters
| August 12, 2018

The conference is named after 15th Century Chinese Muslim voyager Cheng Ho.

A statue of Admiral Cheng Ho in Kuching, Sarawak. (Bernama pic)
KUALA LUMPUR: The voyages of Admiral Cheng Ho in pioneering bilateral relations between Malaysia and China will be brought into focus when the 2018 International Cheng Ho Conference is held here on Nov 10.

The conference is jointly organised by the Tourism, Arts and Culture Ministry, Melaka state government, International Zheng He Society (Malaysia), Cheng Ho Multicultural Trust, Zheng He Research Institute of China and International Zheng He Society (Singapore).

DAP chairman Tan Kok Wai said the achievements of Cheng Ho should be made known as he succeeded in expanding a trading empire without war and colonisation.

He said Cheng Ho was a symbol of peace and brotherhood in the places he visited.

“I hope the conference will open the eyes of the people all over the world about the voyages of Cheng Ho in the 15th Century, which paved the way for the silk trade as well as brought China closer to trading nations,” he told reporters today.

Tan said unlike early European explorers who colonised areas and were brutal, Cheng Ho was on a peace and trade mission.

“This will be the second conference and more than 600 participants from all over the world including experts and academicians from Singapore, US and Brazil are expected to attend the conference themed “Cheng Ho Multi-Cultural Spirit for World Peace,” he said. - FMT

Special envoy Tan Kok Wai looking forward to building close ties to China

Monday, 13 Aug 2018
10:01 AM MYT
by martin carvalho

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia's newly minted special envoy to China Tan Kok Wai aims to forge closer bi-lateral ties with China by capitalising on strong historical ties between the two nations.

"It is a challenging task for me.

"My goal is to see that the two nations look at ways to maintain cordial relations that was established through diplomatic ties in 1974.

"There has been remarkable progress since then," he said when contacted by The Star on Monday (Aug 13).

The Cheras MP, whose appointment was effective on Aug 1, also said that he will look towards history between China and Malaysia to further strengthen ties.

"We are looking at organising Cheng Ho 2018 international gathering here.

"Beside inviting scholars, we will also extend invitations to leaders from 27 countries that Cheng Ho has sailed to," he said.

He said Melaka would likely be the venue for the prestigious event.

Admiral Cheng Ho, or Zheng He, made Melaka once of his maritime base during his epic expeditionary voyages between 1405 and 1433.

He was said to have visited Melaka five times during his seven voyages from China to as far as Africa.

Asked if he would accompany Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad on his trip to China, Tan said this has yet to be confirmed.

Tan's appointment comes amid newly formed Pakatan Harapan Government's review of several mega projects funded by Chinese state owned companies.

The projects included East Coast Rail Link (ECRL) and a pipeline project. - The Star Online

HSBC’s take on OBOR … (Part 2) - final
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KUALA LUMPUR (September 2017): Reproduced below is HSBC Holdings Plc Group’s take on China’s multi-billion-dollar One Belt One Road (OBOR) initiative.
Please note that the universal term used is OBOR but HSBC calls it The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). Here we go with HSBC:
"A growing global footprint
The footprint of China’s investment around the world is growing 1 and its ‘going out’ strategy is an increasingly important one. 2 Despite stricter capital outflow controls, the long-term prospect for outbound investment looks strong, with the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) promising to be a key catalyst. 3 … for more, go to https://ilovemalaysiachinasilkroad.blogspot.com/2017/09/hsbcs-take-on-obor-part-2-final.html