China’s radar-evading Dark Sword stealth drone starts to spook the US?

Is this China's new secretive stealth drone ?聽Image Credit: Handout
A recently released photograph appears to confirm the existence of a secretive Chinese drone project. The idea that China has been developing a supersonic, radar-evading drone has been

around for years now, but if this picture is anything to go by, it looks as though it may be more than just a rumor. Known as 'Dark Sword', the drone can be seen in this reportedly official photograph that was released earlier this month. Some claim that the aircraft in the image has a supersonic intake vent and stabilisers similar to those found on the US F-22 Raptor jet. Much about the picture however remains a mystery, such as when it was taken or whether or not the aircraft is actually operational. It is also unclear who the group of people are in the foreground. "Looks like a mock-up for a supersonic stealth drone, but an official AVIC mock-up," said drone expert Patrick Lin at the California Polytechnic State University. 
"Without knowing when this photo was taken, it'd be hard to figure out how far it is along."

China’s radar-evading Dark Sword stealth drone starts to spook the US? (That night, a bright light came from the bottom of China, and a strategic artifact came out) (China's Navy, Today and Tomorrow with Carl Schuster)

KUALA LUMPUR (June 2018): Allegations of China having developed advanced sophisticated weaponry by systematic theft of American intellectual property is both questionable and debatable.

But, the fact is China’s defence industry is able to design and produce sophisticated weaponry faster than anyone else, including aircraft carriers!

There is no way any superpower, including the US, can stop or derail China’s technological advancement in science and technology.

The US must accept this fact and learn to co-exist with China and the rest of the world.

The 21st Century Cold War waged between the US and China-Russia Combo is life-threatening to the world. (Read this for context: - REMINDER: Sino-Soviet treaty commits China-Russia Combo to react against the US!)

It is time for the war-waging US to set aside its world imperialism ego after a century of world domination as the No.1 super power.

The world is no more the same as the 20th Century, and the sooner the US realises this, the better it is for the Americans and their country.

The rest of the world, especially China and Russia, has made unprecedented digital and technological advancement, unlike when the US was superior in the 20th Century.

The US’ problem is that it still thinks selling arms can keep them superior for another century. And, that’s the problem - the US is unable to think out of the box to save themselves.

And that very problem has landed the US in a global soup - a national debt of between US$20 trillion and US$22 trillion! (Read these for context: -
Is the US debt US$20 trillion or US$222 trillion? - Whatever analysts say, the China-Russia Combo is keeping the US world hegemony in check!

While others are spending more on science and technology, the US continues with its war-waging ways to sustain its profitable arms sales.

Well, that is not working anymore and that is certainly not the way to Make America Great Again in the 21st Century Digital World.

Here’s what is keeping the US and the rest of the in the world defences in suspense:

How Soon Will China’s Dark Sword Stealth Drone Be Airworthy?
The first official photo of China’s new radar-evading armed drone—which shares attributes with the F-22 and F-35—is now circulating, and it may be ready sooner than anyone expects.
06.06.18 5:14 AM ET

A Chinese plane-maker is developing a fast, radar-evading armed drone with many of the same attributes as the U.S. military’s F-22 and F-35 manned stealth fighters.

At least, that’s what the state-owned Aviation Industry Corporation of China, if not the Chinese government itself, apparently wants people to believe.

It’s possible that the Dark Sword drone, the first official photo of which began circulating online in early June, is little more than a mock-up. In that case, the drone can’t even fly, much less fight.

But that doesn’t mean AVIC won’t eventually turn the mock-up—if that’s what it is—into a functional, front-line weapon that could weigh on the balance of power in the Pacific region. The Chinese military-industrial complex has proved it can develop and produce high-end weaponry, including drones, faster than Western officials once anticipated.

The Dark Sword’s first public appearance in its full-size form comes in an undated group photo of 18 men and one woman wearing white shirts and dark pants and badges on lanyards. They’re standing in front of the roughly 30-foot-long drone in a hangar or showroom of some sort.

“Looks like a mock-up for a supersonic stealth drone, but an official AVIC mock-up,” Jeffrey Lin, independent expert on Chinese military technology, told The Daily Beast via email. “Without knowing when this photo was taken, it’d be hard to figure out how far it’s along.”

AVIC did not immediately respond to an email seeking comment.

Andreas Rupprecht, the author of several reference books on Chinese warplanes, tweeted that he found the photo “most surprising.” He tweeted that he believed AVIC had suspended development of the Dark Sword in favor of a less sophisticated drone model.

The Dark Sword seems to boast several technologically advanced features, including a special engine air inlet that can reduce detectability on radar while still enabling supersonic flight.

The drone, or drone mock-up, also sports a silvery color scheme, possibly indicating the addition of a radar-absorbing coating. The U.S. F-22 and F-35 and China’s own J-20 manned stealth fighter all feature similar coatings.

While the United States and European countries are developing stealthy drones and supersonic drones, very few designs combine these attributes.

Rupprecht pointed out that small-scale models of the Dark Sword have appeared an industry events for years now. But the full-size model—or actual, flyable aircraft—seems to be new. “The questions are now: why was it unveiled now?” Rupprecht tweeted. “Is it a recent image or only now posted?”

“After decades of rapid expansion, aided by systematic theft of American intellectual property, the Chinese defense industry is capable of quickly designing and producing sophisticated weaponry.”



The obvious implication is that AVIC showed off the Dark Sword because development of the drone is at an advanced state and it’s in AVIC’s interest to market the aircraft in China and abroad. Once flight testing begins, hiding a new airplane from the public can become difficult.

Even if the Dark Sword is unflyable at present, it might not be long before AVIC makes the drone airworthy. After decades of rapid expansion, aided by systematic theft of American intellectual property, the Chinese defense industry is capable of quickly designing and producing sophisticated weaponry.

The J-20, China’s first manned stealth fighter, first flew in early 2011. Seven years later, the Chinese air force declared the the first squadron of the radar-evading jets to be war-ready. By contrast, the first demonstrator for the U.S. F-22 took off on its debut flight in 1990. It took builder Lockheed Martin and the U.S. Air Force 15 years to complete the F-22’s development and equip a frontline squadron.

Shortly after the J-20’s inaugural sortie in 2011, Adm. Jack Dorsett, then the U.S. Navy top intelligence official, admitted that the Pentagon had been “pretty consistent in underestimating” the speed of Chinese military developments.

It’s hard to predict on the basis of one undated photo what AVIC’s plans are for the Dark Sword. It might fly soon. It might never fly. The Chinese military could buy hundreds of the speedy, radar-evading drones. It could buy none.

But that’s missing the point. The world’s leading air forces are all trying to acquire advanced unmanned aircraft that are fast, stealthy, or both. The Chinese air force “will likely seek to develop new [drone] models with stealth charac teristics in order to help penetrate enemy air defenses,” the U.S. Air Force’s China Aerospace Studies Institute warned in a 2017 study.

The Dark Sword could be that drone. If it’s not, some other drone type will probably take its place.
David Axe@daxe"
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