China-Russia Combo muscling to face the war-waging US?

Image Credit: Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation
China, Russia 'Show Americans' Their Close Relationship
Twin visits to Russia by China’s foreign and defense ministers send a clear signal of China-Russia cooperation.
By Shannon Tiezzi
April 10, 2018
Chinese Foreign Minister and State Councilor Wang Yi visited Russia from April 4 to 5, making up for a previously scheduled visit that was postponed. Wang’s trip overlapped with that of Chinese Defense Minister and State Councilor Wei Fenghe. Wei was in Russia from April 1 to 5 both to attend the Moscow Conference on International Security and to conduct his first visit abroad since assuming his post. While in Russia, both Wang and Wei made it clear that their visits signaled increasingly tight China-Russia cooperation amid tensions on both sides with the United States. Wang, during his meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, declared that “China-Russia relations are in the best period of history.” He added that the two sides should seek even closer coordination in the future, saying that “since the current international and regional situation is still full of various uncertainties, it is necessary for China and Russia, two close strategic partners, to strengthen communication and coordination.” In talks with both Lavrov and Russian President Vladimir Putin, Wang stressed the need for China and Russia to coordinate on regional and global issues of interest, help safeguard each other’s national interests, and support each other in taking up larger roles on the world stage … for more, go to 

China-Russia Combo muscling to face the war-waging US?

KUALA LUMPUR (June 2018): The formidable duo that is today keeping the war-waging US from shattering world order - the China-Russia Combo.

I Love China-Russia Silk Road had in previous postings highlighted that the 21st Century Cold War is being waged between the US and China-Russia Combo. (Read this for context: - Whatever analysts say, the China-Russia Combo is keeping the US world hegemony in check!)

Now and within days, presidents Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping are reportedly meeting in China to finalise a package of agreements.

The meeting, tentatively scheduled for Sunday and Monday (June 9 and 10), is not surprising, given the US’ aggressive global militarism aimed at both China and Russia.

Of late, the US has provoked China, mulling to send a warship to Taiwan to make its presence felt in the South China Sea (SCS).

The US has also been reportedly pushing NATO to beef up military forces to deter a potential Russian attack.

Read these for context: (Exposed? US using Taiwan and NATO to fight its 21st Century wars?) (Is China the US’ next target for war?)

As long as it remains a Cold War, the rest of the world and World Order are safe from destruction.

But, will the US, with its war history, really just remain satisfied with just a Cold War to wage?

Here’s the report of Putin’s visit to China:


Putin In China: What Will Be Agreed To?

By Paul Antonopoulos On Jun 5, 2018

MOSCOW – Moscow and Beijing plan to approve a package of agreements during Russian President Vladimir Putin’s upcoming visit to China, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Sunday.

Putin should pay a visit to China between June 9 and 10. The Russian president will attend the meeting of leaders of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO).

What will be agreed to? There has been little public discussion on what the likely outcome or purpose of this meeting exactly is. Russia and China have increasingly worked together both economically and militarily, and combined – on supply-line security issues.

“The scheme of a visit has been agreed, in my opinion, we have a very good package of agreements that will be approved,” Lavrov told a meeting with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi. As Russia-China ties grow, the US under Trump finds itself increasingly pushed out of Eurasian affairs.

The Chinese representative also took the opportunity to congratulate Lavrov, who was again named Russia’s Foreign Minister after the March presidential election in Russia, won by Vladimir Putin.

“It is a pleasure to continue working with you and to strengthen our cooperation for the development of our countries and the protection of our strategic interests,” the Chinese foreign minister said during the meeting.

Lavrov is currently on a visit to the South African capital, Pretoria, where the BRICS foreign ministers meet.

The ties between Russia and China are especially crucial as strategic US B-1B bombers conducted training flights in the Baltic Sea region. Despite Trump’s calling for a desire to normalize relations with Russia, these sorts of provocative ‘drills’ and patrols continue. Will the upcoming package of agreements therefore include military provisions?

It appears this will not be known until after June 9th.

On the evening of 1 to 2 June, two US Air Force B-1B strategic bombers were detected near Russian borders in the Baltic Sea. Another device also performed a training flight on Saturday in the same area.

On the same day, US military aircraft also made reconnaissance flights near the Russian Black Sea coast. A Poseidon P-8A with the tail number 168998, known as PS026, which departed from the Sigonella air base, located in Sicily (Italy), approached the Russian coasts near the cities of Sevastopol and Gelendzhik and remained in the area for one period.

In addition, a US Air Force RQ-4B unmanned aerial vehicle with tail number 10-2043, which also had taken off from Sigonella, made a long flight near the Donbass line of contact and then nearby the maritime border of the Crimea and the coast of the Russian region of Krasnodar.

Strengthening ties between Moscow and Beijing will see US aggression against Russia continue in an effort to intimidate the Eurasian Giant. This is unlikely to to deter Russia strengthening its ties with Eurasian states."

BY TOM O'CONNOR ON 4/24/18 AT 3:58 PM
Russia and China have pledged to strengthen their bilateral military and political ties as part of a strategic cooperation that challenges U.S. interests, especially to Washington's stance on Middle East allies Syria and Iran.
Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu met Tuesday with Air Force General Xu Qiliang, vice chairman of China's Central Military Commission, and other regional military officials as part of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) summit in the eastern city of Qingdao. As increasingly powerful Russia and China build up their clout on the world stage, they sought a more united front against the U.S., which frequently challenged their rise.
"Time changes everything," Shoigu said, according to the Russian Defense Ministry. "But, fortunately, it does not change our relations both personally between us and between our states, and the very close, friendly relations of the heads of our states serve as a guarantee of this." … for more, go to