Blame Washington for failing to retrain, reemploy … and failing to create alternative jobs!

CCTV NEWS Channel anchor Zou Yue
Editor: zhenglimin 丨
12-23-2014 15:16 BJT
Zou Yue became a correspondent of CCTV in August 2003. He became the Head of Anchors Team of CCTV International in 2009. Since 2010, he has been the anchor of China24, a flagship news magazine show of CCTV NEWS. Previously, Yue was a producer and reporter for Wuhan TV where he had primary editorial and newsgathering responsibilities for the local new coverage. He anchors the 15-minute local daily English news program. Since 1997, Yue has covered many major events across China, including the 1998 Yangtze Flood, Hong Kong and Macao’s return to the Chinese sovereignty, China’s first manned space flight, the Six-party Talks in Beijing, Beijing Olympics, Wenchuan Earthquake, Shenzhou and Chang’e Space Missions and annual meetings of China’s National People’s Congress. Previously, Yue worked as reporter and editor for many award-winning documentaries for Wuhan TV including When Comet Shoemaker Levy-9 Hits the Jupiter, The Great Yongle Bell and Protecting Dunhuang. Yue graduated with his bachelor’s of arts degree in English Language from Huazhong University of Science and Technology and he got his master’s degree of arts in Literary Criticism from Central China Normal University.

Blame Washington for failing to retrain, reemploy … and failing to create alternative jobs! (Globalisation is a game - there are winners and losers)

KUALA LUMPUR (March 2018): Globalisation is a game - there are winners and losers. For example, when China trades with the US, Chinese producers and American consumers benefit. Some American and Chinese workers are losing their jobs because they are not competitive enough … - CGTN Anchor Zou Yue

However, China has been having the edge against the US for a decade or two because China retrains and reemploys those who lost their jobs.

So, don’t blame the Chinese for stealing American jobs. Blame Washington for failing to give you an alternative job, to quote Zou Yue.

View the above video clip. It’s only 3 minutes 22 seconds and it shames Washington universally.

I Love Malaysia-China Silk Road has been posting articles that show post World War ll (WWll) American arrogance and power.

Unfortunately, instead of progressing globally, the war-waging US has been left behind by progress in real economy, trade, science and technology.

The US simply does not know how to trade on a global level playing field anymore, and is now desperately relying on protectionist policies and measures to shield its economy from collapse.

The US has, in the 21st Century digital world, lost its edge to China and Russia - and the Americans, led by their unorthodox President Donald Trump, are also stressed by a national debt of between US$20 trillion and US$222 trillion (Read these for context: (Is the US debt US$20 trillion or US$222 trillion?) and (Whatever analysts say, the China-Russia Combo is keeping the US world hegemony in check!)

And, the egoistic American leaders cannot afford to lose global influence at any cost.

The US has only itself to blame for its current global economic and defence predicament but, unfortunately, it has never believed in competition on a level playing field.

So, the rest of the world is now witnessing the unfolding and beginning of a bruising global trade war being waged by the Trump-led US against China … again, unfortunately, the rest of the world is also affected, directly or indirectly.

Post WWll US only knows these best:



The US’ only way to counter global economic and trade initiatives is to demonise this: