Evil Americans’ history of profiting from the misery of wars

Amerika, the Cartoon: The “Good Guys”, The “Bad Guys”… Reality TV Becomes President

Global Research, February 11, 2018
Many baby boomers remember the original MAD Magazine, which was founded in 1952. MAD reached its apex during the mid to late 60s, when there was so much to satirize about. The Cold War, The Vietnam debacle, the Civil Rights movement, Women’s Rights and of course the birth of ‘ The Pill ‘ were among the many great issues to consider during that time. Factor in the presidency of Richard Nixon and whopee, MAD had lots to satirize. We high school and college kids could not wait for the next issue to come out! This writer knows that MAD is actually still around, but the power of its themes were so great during those latter years. Well folks, we are once again entering the cartoon years of this new Amerikan empire. I mean, can you imagine that a real estate mogul with orange hair and a closet filled with skeletons, along with a resume of Reality TV work, can become president of the United States? … for more, go to https://www.globalresearch.ca/amerika-the-cartoon-the-good-guysand-the-bad-guys-reality-tv-become-president/5628874

Evil Americans’ history of profiting from the misery of wars

KUALA LUMPUR (February 2018): US Vice President Mike Pence’s disgraceful behaviour and disrespect to athletes at the 2018 Olympic Winter Games opening ceremony in Pyeongchang should not be surprising. (Read this for context: https://ilovemalaysiachinasilkroad.blogspot.my/2018/02/pence-great-american-disgrace-to-rest.html)American presidents have displayed their lack of respect to sovereign states, waging wars and profiting from killings and destruction.

Study these two visuals found in Facebook and form your own judgment whether Pence has the right to feel proud to be an American or that the US is the role model for democracy and fair play:

The US economy is shamelessly dependent on the sale of arms and wars post World War ll.

It is already next to nature for the US to sell arms and wage wars - and it does not know how to prosper thy neighbour via genuine trans border business and trade.

While China has committed billions of dollars to develop the Belt Road Initiative (BRI) to promote trans border economic and business activities, the US continues with its war waging ways, unable to change or innovate for their future.

Saddled with multi-trillions of dollars in national debt, the US is unable to wield the same global influence in defence and economy as it did in the 20th Century for lack of funds.

It now only knows how to use its pro-US international media organisations to demonise all that is China and Russia - a combo that the US see as its greatest threat!

I Love Malaysia-China Silk Road found the following comment in Facebook most interesting:


Airport Bus Melbourne https://www.globalresearch.ca/amerika-the-cartoon.../5628874

How US of A is spending its Tax revenue?

“HALF of our federal tax dollars going down the rabbit hole of military spending, along with phony invasions and occupations, and close to 1000 foreign bases worldwide, COUNT DA MONEY! The reality is that for generations Uncle Sam utilized the procedure of Revenue Sharing using Block Grants to the states and their cities. This was money that was NOT to be paid back by the way.

Washington would take some of our tax dollars and send it along to each state for use to help fund whatever programs were necessary for each of their localities. Thus, a city like Cranston would receive enough funding to help with their public employee pensions… among other things. Well, since Congress allowed the Military Industrial Empire to eat up over half of our tax dollars on the aforementioned actions, well… VERY LITTLE REVENUE SHARING AND BLOCK GRANTS! We have already seen how the cherished ‘Safety Net’ for the majority of us has already been tattered. The Cranston example is just one of a million others. Get wise folks!! Stop supporting this insanity, which will very shortly bankrupt us… BOTH FISCALLY AND MORALLY!

In the town of Cranston, Rhode Island, due to critical budget shortfalls over the last several years the state legislature voted to unilaterally reduce public employees’ pension benefits… retroactively! Of course, there are lawsuits filed to stop this but think of the consequences if this ruling is allowed to stand. “

Even GOD cannot save Americans from destroying themselves.
Does throw some light on why US of A conned Iraq to fight Iran. Then hoodwinked Saddam to invade Kuwait then sacked Saddam.

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Amerika, the Cartoon: The “Good Guys”, The “Bad Guys”… Reality TV Becomes…