Will the war-waging US be desperate enough to destroy the world with EMP attacks?

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What is an EMP attack and how to prepare for one
Aisling Moloney
Wednesday 1 Nov 2017 2:42 pm
A Nuclear Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) is a burst of electromagnetic radiation created by nuclear explosions. North Korea has threatened and boasted about their capabilities for using an EMP, which means they will fire the nuclear weapon into the atmosphere over the US. If an EMP was fired over the US, it would not only devastate the electrical grid of a country along with all its infrastructure but this would lead to widespread casualties. There would be an indefinite blackout because of the EMP, and Military Commanders have been running drills in practice for a situation of chaos caused by a mass failure of the power grid. In the case of any nuclear attacks, radiation is the main thing to be worried about but in the case of an EMP, the radiation is mostly absorbed by the air in the atmosphere above where it is detonated. Using the EMP as a weapon may be desirable for North Korea as it requires less accuracy, and an EMP blast could affect a 700-mile radius (1126 km) … for more, go to http://metro.co.uk/2017/11/01/what-is-an-emp-attack-and-how-to-prepare-for-one-7045513/ 

Will the war-waging US be desperate enough to destroy the world with EMP attacks?

https://youtu.be/t56kF-TyImM (Financial war may escalate into massive EMP attacks as final showdown looms Benjamin Fulford Jan 8)

KUALA LUMPUR (January 2018): There are too many questions that need to be answered to really assess accurately the threat of nuclear electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attacks.

Such attacks will surely paralyse, if not destroy, this world and possibly mankind.

The four key questions to ask now are:

> Will the war-waging US resort to the use of EMP to attack North Korea?

> Does North Korea possess the EMP capability to attack the US?

> What are the real reasons for the US to now threaten the use of EMP?

> How will China and Russia respond to the US threatening the use of an EMP attack?

I Love Malaysia-China Silk Road notes that the US has made known to the rest of the world of its capability to launch an EMP attack. (View the above video clip link for details)

We have no doubt that the US will not hesitate to use an EMP attack, just like how it dropped the two Atomic Bombs in Japan to end World War ll (WWll).

Is the US desperate enough to resort to the use of an EMP attack to threaten the rest of the world?

The US sure looks desperate but the question is how desperate and its tolerance level?

The US is already some US$20 trillion in debt. It is a “bankrupt” nation.

It doesn’t have the financial resources, like it did for decades after WWll, to influence the world like it did.

The China-Russia Combo and its growing allies and supporting nations have already started "attacking" the Greenback by using their own currencies for trans border trade and financial transactions.

This is “stifling” and “strangling” the Greenback globally, thus raising the desperation of the US global economy which also affects its domestic performance.

While the US has the right to fear the threats from North Korea, there are two very pertinent questions:

> Does North Korea really have the EMP attack capability? Lets not forget that the US claimed "Iraq had Weapons of Mass Destruction" as the excuse for attacking and invading Iraq.

> Is the US just using North Korea to hide its real intentions on the threat to use an EMP attack? The real reason being the growing disuse of the Greenback in international trade transactions by a growing number of nations led by China and Russia.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is, therefore, reminded to immediately stop acting like a jackass with the US, lest it ends up with the same fate as Iraq.

Whatever, the use of an EMP attack is a real threat to the mankind and the world.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un with nuclear scientists and engineers in 2016.
Korean Central News Agency via Reuters
A North Korean electromagnetic pulse attack could wipe out 90% of US population, expert warns Congress
Alexandra MaBusiness Insider UK
October 25, 2017
Nuclear physicists warn that North Korea could launch an electromagnetic pulse attack on the US in a congressional report. Such attack could decimate the US’s food supply and power grid – and kill up to 90% of its population. Other experts doubt North Korea is capable of launching such an attack. But the authors of the report say it’s time to get serious. North Korea could wipe out the US’s electricity and food supplies, and destroy up to 90% of its population with an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack, experts have warned the US Congress … for more, go to http://www.businessinsider.my/north-korea-electromagnetic-attack-wipe-out-90-percent-us-population-peter-vincent-pry-2017-10/?r=US&IR=T