In Pakistan, the war-waging US exposes it’s global evil ways!

DOLLAR BLOW: China Launches New ‘Yuan-Ruble’ Payment Mechanism
OCTOBER 13, 2017 BY 21WIRE
The US received a major blow to its global hegemony, and one which is sure to trigger more fighting talk from hawks in Washington.
This week it was announced that China has established a ‘payment versus payment‘ (PVP) system to clear Chinese yuan and Russian ruble transactions. The aim, we’re told, is to to “reduce risks and improve the efficiency” of its foreign exchange system. The new mechanism, which could rival the long-held monopoly of the US SWIFT inter-bank payment system (allowing for simultaneous settlement of transactions in two different currencies) was launched on Monday after receiving approval from China’s central bank, according to a statement by the country’s foreign exchange trading system … for more, go to 

In Pakistan, the war-waging US exposes it’s global evil ways!

KUALA LUMPUR (January 2018): For 15 years, the US had extended more than US$33 billion in aid to Pakistan.

Suddenly, President Donald Trump claims that the US had foolishly given such aid and now brands Pakistan as a haven for terrorists.

Do you believe the US had been foolish ass holes for 15 years and now, only now, realised their folly? If you do, then we believe pigs can fly!

Now, the US has withheld US$255 million in aid to Pakistan. What then is the real reason for the war-waging US to suddenly treat Pakistan with such animosity?

The US has exposed their true intentions of disposing such “aid”! In the first place, it was no aid at all. And all such aid had been extended by the US to countries with military considerations and expediency.

The 15 years of aid was extended to Pakistan by the US for strategic military policy and expediency.

Unlike the war-waging US, China’s global policy of promoting trans-border business and trade is fast winning worldwide support.

China’s multi-billion-dollar investment into the Belt Road Initiative (BRI) or the revilval of the Old Silk Road since 2013 is now being participated by 68 countries.

When BRI is fully realised, all 68 countries or more will benefit significantly from heightened trans-border business activities and joint-venture (JV) investments.

And, the real reason for the US to “punish” Pakistan is because Pakistan has agreed to conduct business and trade financial transactions in Yuan, instead of the Greenback.

The arrogant war-waging Americans don’t see the folly in their obsolete foreign economic and military policies.

By taking head on with countries that wish to do business or trade with China, the US will eventually fail miserably, and lose out in the global economy.

Has the US forgotten that not only China is dumping the use of the Greenback? Russia is also doing the same!

I Love Malaysia-China Silk Road opines that the Greenback and the war-waging US are slowly, but surely, heading for doom.

Here’s a detailed opinion by Indian national M K Bhadrakumar on the real reasons for Trump and the US to be upset with Pakistan:

"Why businessman Trump is upset with Pakistan
The Indian media have ignored the momentous announcement by Pakistan’s central bank on January 2 notifying that it has taken “comprehensive policy related measures to ensure that imports, exports and financing transactions can be denominated in CNY (Chinese Yuan).” Probably they got bogged down with Kulbhushan Jadhav’s video and President Trump’s invectives against Pakistan – or, simply failed to grasp the profound implications of the announcement in Islamabad for regional and global politics. This needs some explaining.
First, the details of the Pakistani central bank notification of January 2 titled “Use of Chinese Yuan for denominating foreign currency transactions in Pakistan.” The following excerpts of the notification are relevant:
“Both public and private sector enterprises (i.e. both Pakistanis and Chinese) are free to choose CNY for bilateral Trade & Investment activities… SBP (central bank) has already put in place the required regulatory framework, which facilitates use of CNY in trade and investment transactions such as opening of L/Cs and availing financing facilities in CNY… SBP had taken a series of steps to promote use of CNY in Pakistan for bilateral trade and investment with China. SBP allowed banks to accept CNY deposits and give CNY Trade loans… SBP has put in place the loan mechanism for banks to get the CNY financing from SBP for onward lending to importers and exporters having underlying trade transactions denominated in CNY… Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited Pakistan has been allowed to establish a local CNY settlement and clearing setup in Pakistan… With the opening of Bank of China in Pakistan, the access to onshore Chinese markets will strengthen further. Apart from the above, several banks in Pakistan maintain onshore CNY nostro accounts.”
“Considering the recent local and global economic developments, particularly with the growing size of trade and investment with China under CPEC, SBP foresees that CNY denominated trade with China will increase significantly, going forward; and will yield long term benefits for both the countries.”
The big question is how far this joint Pakistani-Chinese move to dump dollar – alongside their announcement on December 26 in Beijing to extend the CPEC to Afghanistan and Central Asia – explains Trump’s New Year Day outburst on tweeter and the incipient signs of an aggressive policy by the Trump administration toward Pakistan (as is borne out by an exclusive interview by NSA HR McMaster to the Voice of America on January 3).
To my mind, it explains a great deal, as much if not more than the so-called counterterrorist operations in Afghanistan. It is useful to remember that Trump is quintessentially a businessman. He understands perfectly well the gathering storms on the horizon that threaten the dollar’s status as the world currency. What seemed “a cloud, a small one, about the size of a man’s hand… coming up out of the sea” – as Elijah said in the Old Testament – cannot be taken lightly any longer.
And the threat is spearheaded by countries such as China, Russia and Iran principally – “revisionist powers”. Put differently, the preservation of the dollar’s global reserve currency status is vital to the US economy as otherwise there will be and explosion of further debt and this is turning into an existential struggle for the superpower.
No doubt, the key here is China. Are the policymakers in Beijing aware of what is at stake? You bet, they are. And they are planning accordingly — there’s no gunboat diplomacy, but instead through financial tools. Do not think that the move to extend CPEC is an impetuous, vainglorious decision. An entire swathe of Middle Asia may cut loose and drift away from the use of dollar in their transactions. Convince yourself about the high stakes by reading a stunning speech, here, by the PLA’s key strategic thinker Major-General Qiao Liang at a forum of the Chinese Communist Party’s Central Committee and government office two years ago.
Succinctly put, Washington is highly sensitive to the ‘harmonious ascent’ of the Chinese Yuan. China dominates world trade and is putting itself in a position to revert to the old system of tying oil and commodities to gold (as it existed before 1971 when the US thrust the dollar to replace gold.) China is increasingly shedding its shyness to promote Yuan as its own preferred settlement medium, as highlighted by the Pakistani notification. Interestingly, only last week the Chinese central bank governor met the Saudi finance minister and amongst other things discussed the date by which Saudi Arabia will dump dollar and switch to yuan as payment for oil sales to China. (No surprises here — read a CNBC report titled China will ‘compel’ Saudi Arabia to trade oil in yuan — and that’s going to affect the dollar.
The countdown has begun. If dollar begins losing ground as indispensable to global trade, it will lead to a complete breakdown in the US’ purchasing power and the consequent surge of the underlying monetary inflation in the US economy for decades (that has been lying suppressed) will make the budget deficit no longer manageable and such heavy military spending no longer sustainable – leave alone Trump’s ‘America First’.
Pakistan is a big country – and potentially a big economy, especially as CPEC gives buoyancy to it. It is a very bad sign for the US that Pakistan is heading toward the exit door leading out of dollar as a fiat currency for its transactions. Trump feels really annoyed. (Read a CNBC dispatch on the subject – China has grand ambitions to dethrone the dollar. It may make a powerful move this year (October 24, 2017)

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By M K Bhadrakumar – January 6, 2018

Rhetoric rises as US vows to withhold aid to Pakistan

By Sophia Saifi and Hilary Clarke, CNN

Updated 1036 GMT (1836 HKT) January 3, 2018

Islamabad, Pakistan (CNN)In a sign of escalating tensions between the United States and Pakistan, US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley accused Pakistan of playing "a double game for years" and confirmed the administration will withhold $255 million in aid to the country.

"They work with us at times, and they also harbor the terrorists that attack our troops in Afghanistan," Haley said Tuesday at a news conference. "That game is not acceptable to this administration."

Her remarks came a day after President Donald Trump accused Pakistan of lying to and deceiving the US despite receiving billions in foreign aid.

The Pakistani government said earlier Tuesday that recent comments from US leaders were "completely incomprehensible" and could damage the trust between the countries.

Haley said the White House expects far more cooperation from the Pakistani government in the fight against terrorism. Trump is willing "to go to great lengths to stop all funding from Pakistan as they continue to harbor and support terrorism," Haley said.

Pakistan's Ambassador to the United Nations responded to Haley's comments by saying Pakistan had made the biggest contribution to fighting international terrorism, and that it had been unfairly blamed for US failures.

"US spokespersons should not shift the blame for their own mistakes and failures onto others," said Maleeha Lodhi. "We can review our cooperation if it is not appreciated. Pakistan's cooperation is not based on any consideration of aid but on our national interests and principles."

Donald J. Trump鉁?/b>@realDonaldTrump

The United States has foolishly given Pakistan more than 33 billion dollars in aid over the last 15 years, and they have given us nothing but lies & deceit, thinking of our leaders as fools. They give safe haven to the terrorists we hunt in Afghanistan, with little help. No more!

8:12 PM - Jan 1, 2018

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Earlier Tuesday, Pakistani Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi chaired a National Security Committee (NSC) meeting, attended by the country's Foreign, Interior and Defense Ministers, along with chiefs of staff of the army, navy and air force.

In a statement following the meeting, the NSC expressed "deep disappointment" at recent US leadership comments, which it said were "completely incomprehensible as they contradicted facts manifestly, struck with great insensitivity at the trust between two nations built over generations, and negated the decades of sacrifices made by the Pakistani nation."

It said there had been close interaction with the US following Trump's initial policy statements regarding South Asia, and that recent visits to Pakistan by Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Defense Secretary James Mattis were "robust and forward-looking."

The NSC claimed that Pakistan's counterterrorism campaign had, at great financial cost, "served as a bulwark against the possible expansion of scores of terrorist organizations currently present in Afghanistan -- a fact acknowledged by US authorities at the highest levels."

Govt of Pakistan鉁?/b>@pid_gov

#Pakistan聽has rendered countless sacrifices in War against Terrorism and has always taken indiscriminate action against any form of extremism.聽
Our commitment for lasting peace is unequivocal.聽


11:01 PM - Jan 2, 2018

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"Even more importantly the huge sacrifices made by Pakistan, including the loss of tens of thousands of lives of Pakistani civilians and security personnel, and the pain of their families, could not be trivialized so heartlessly by pushing all of it behind a monetary value -- and that too an imagined one," the statement said.

Opinion: For Trump, backing Pakistan tweet could get results

Claiming the roots of terrorism in Afghanistan were due to corruption, drug production and ungoverned terrorist havens, "the Committee observed that Pakistan cannot be held responsible for the collective failure in Afghanistan and that blaming allies certainly does not serve the shared objective of achieving lasting peace in Afghanistan and the region," the NSC statement said.

The statement said that "despite all unwarranted allegations, Pakistan cannot act in haste and will remain committed to playing a constructive role towards an Afghan-led and Afghan-owned peace process, not just for the sake of its own people, but also for the peace and security of the region and international community".

Khawaja M. Asif鉁?/b>@KhawajaMAsif

Pres Trump quoted figure of $33billion given to PAK over last 15yrs,he can hire a US based Audit firm on our expense to verify this figure & let the world know who is lying & deceiving..

10:35 PM - Jan 2, 2018

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Following the NSC meeting, Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif offered to pay for Trump to carry out an audit on his claim that Pakistan had received $33 billion in US aid over the past 15 years.

"He can hire a US based Audit firm on our expense to verify this figure & let the world know who is lying & deceiving," Asif wrote in a tweet.

A separate tweet from the Government of Pakistan contained a graph showing a drastic decline number of its civilians killed by Islamist militants. It claimed the number of Pakistanis killed in terror attacks had dropped significantly over the past five years, and that the number of people killed in the country since 2003 had cost the state $123 billion.

Activists burn the American flag at a protest in Karachi on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, around 200 members of the Difa-e-Pakistan Council, a coalition of Islamist parties, demonstrated against the US in Karachi, holding "Dump Trump" placards and burning the American flag. A similar protest was held in Lahore, according to AFP.

On Monday, US Ambassador David Hale was summoned to Pakistan's Foreign Ministry ministry to meet with senior officials, a US Embassy spokesman confirmed.

The White House said that it would continue to withhold聽$255 million in military aid to Pakistanout of frustration over what it has characterized as Islamabad's obstinacy in confronting terrorist networks.

CNN's Sophia Saifi reported from Islamabad. Hilary Clarke wrote from London.