Trump to tell Americans that China is a competitor? They didn’t know?

Military delegates arrive at the Great Hall of the People for a meeting ahead of the opening ceremony of the National People’s Congress (NPC), in Beijing, China, on March 4.
How the world’s largest military stacks up to the US armed forces
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March 30, 2016
A recent report from the US Congressional Research Service outlines China’s 2.3 million-member armed forces and sheds light on misconceptions from Western military analysts. Simply put, the report challenges the idea that Westerners can understand China’s military and foreign-policy decisions without first understanding Chinese philosophy and culture of warfare. Unlike the US, China has a media apparatus controlled by the state, so its military reports lack the transparency established by a free press for more, go to 

Trump to tell Americans that China is a competitor? They didn’t know?

KUALA LUMPUR (December 2017): Does President Donald Trump think Americans or the rest of the world are idiots?

Or, have the pro-US media gone cuckoo with their brand of news sense?

I Love Malaysia-China Silk Road finds it laughable and unbelievable that Reuters’ news angle can be that moronic.

The international news service’s report titled “Trump to say in security speech that China is competitor - officials” is just plain dumb.

Is that news? Looks like only Trump and the Americans did not know that China has been both an economic and military competitor for the past decade or more!

We doubt the rest of the world needs to be told or informed by Trump that China is a competitor. But why focus on security and defence or military? Why not economic?

Yes! China’s perseverance and optimal productivity had woken the world, but not Trump and perhaps his American supporters, that the Chinese is on the verge of overtaking the US as a No.1 global power and economy.

What Trump and Reuters should highlight to the Americans is why China is what it is today and what made the Chinese so successful in the past four decades or so.

For one, the US has been taking their success and power for granted, resting on their laurels, relying on outdated policies to generate “income” - waging wars and selling arms.

From a closed economy to beef up its domestic economy, China pursued a vigorous technology development and education policy, and opened its economic floodgates to flow naturally.

While the US economy is in trillions of dollars debt, China is today busy with global economic expansion efforts, and its multi-billion-dollar One Belt One Road (OBOR) initiative to link Europe, the Nordic Nations and Asia by road, rail, port and air is certainly not only a global economic competitor but also a threat to the US’ position as the No.1 economy.

Naturally, China had also to beef up its military defence as it did not want others to invade it again, just like what happened in pre-World War ll (WWll).

So, Reuters and Mr Trump, get your news sense and angle right! We don’t need to be told something that we already know and had happened more than a decade ago! We are living in a Digital World in which the Internet and cyberspace are borderless and information are disseminated at lightning speed globally.

Here’s the “uninformative” report by Reuters as posted by The Star Online:

"Trump to say in security speech that China is competitor - officials

Sunday, 17 Dec 2017
5:47 AM MYT
bysteve holland

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Donald Trump will lay out a new U.S. national security strategy on Monday based on his "America First" policy and will, among other items, make clear that China is a competitor, two senior U.S. officials said on Saturday.

Trump has praised Chinese President Xi Jinping while also demanding that Beijing increase pressure on North Korea over its nuclear programme and to change trade practices to make them more favourable to the United States.

The national security strategy, to be rolled out in a speech by Trump, should not be seen as an attempt to contain China but rather to offer a clear-eyed look at the challenges China poses, said the officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

The strategy, which was still being drafted, may also reverse Democratic President Barack Obama's declaration in September 2016 that climate change is a threat to security, one official said.

JULY 14, 2014
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