Merry X’mas, let’s pray for global peace … Happy New Year, make upholding peace your resolution

Korean tensions at an alarming level
FEB 16, 2016
NEW YORK – North Korea’s recent nuclear test and rocket launch have heightened tensions on the Korean Peninsula once again to such a dangerous level that any misreading of signals by either side of the two Koreas could trigger a conflict that destabilizes Northeast Asia … for more, go to 

Merry X’mas, let’s pray for global peace … Happy New Year, make upholding peace your resolution

As we rejoice and celebrate another Christmas, as we welcome another New Year, lasting global peace is mankind’s greatest challenge today.

It is clear that two international conflicts - the Israel-Palestine and the Korean Peninsula disputes - are set to dominate 2018 and threaten global stability.

Therefore, to all who love, cherish and treasure peace and harmony to last in this world, lets also pray for peace as we partake in the Christmas goodies.

I Love Malaysia-China Silk Road also urges all to make upholding peace a global New Year resolution.

Lets pray and hope that good sense, tolerance and mutual respect prevail in our global world of diversity.

We wish all a very happy and joyous Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Source: Reuters
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