China leads in shipbuilding? Chinese hype, propaganda or fact? (Aiming big: China's mega projects in 2017)
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Published on 25 Dec 2017
From the world's highest bridge, to the longest manmade sea crossing, and to the fastest supercomputer, China is showing what it really means to do big things. Here are some of the most jaw-dropping engineering, infrastructure and sicence projects the country is undertaking in 2017.

China leads in shipbuilding? Chinese hype, propaganda or fact?

KUALA LUMPUR (December 2017): China is now claiming that it is a world leader in shipbuilding, dethroning South Korea.

Whether it is just Chinese hype or propaganda, China’s knack to become world leaders in various fields of technology, engineering and construction cannot be taken lightly or ignored.

(View the above video link to see what China has achieved in engineering and construction in 2017)

No wonder many, including the Russians, believe China is set to be a world No.1 economy.

I Love Malaysia- China Silk Road opines that China’s economic and technology success thus far is aimed at making China a global self-sustaining power in all fields.

They have learnt that God only helps those who help themselves.

Take for example space technology. China had initially sought the help of the US to help develop its space programme.

The kiasu kiasi (fear of loss, fear of death) or selfish Americans did not want to share their digital knowledge or technology with China.

So, what happened next? China decided to develop technology all on its own and today, after 40 years, it is history.

China is today not only self-reliant in technology, it is developing new technology even in the medical field.

It will be a folly to underestimate China’s efficiency to deliver what others think it cannot.

Here’s a news report on China’s ship building performance as released by British shipbuilding and marine analysis agency Clarkson Research Services:

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China leads in shipbuilding

By Ren Xiaojin | China Daily | Updated: 2017-12-12 08:17
A technician directs the hauling of a ship at a shipyard in Chongqing. [Photo by Rao Guojun/For China Daily]
Orders for China's rebounding shipbuilding industry reached the top place in the world in the past 11 months, surpassing its counterpart South Korea, according to an international industrial analysis agency.

According to the data released by British shipbuilding and marine analysis agency Clarkson Research Services on Friday, from January to November, China's shipbuilding order volume totaled 7.13 million compensated gross tons (CGT) from 324 vessels, followed by South Korea, which has received 5.74 CGT.

It is the first time in the past seven years China has exceeded South Korea in shipbuilding orders.

The data also show that China's shipbuilding industry secured 36.3 percent of the global market, 7 percentage points more than South Korea, which accounts for 29.4 percent of global orders.

Chinese shipyards have been performing well this year.

This August, French group CMACGM SA ordered nine 22,000 twenty-foot equivalent units container vessels from Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding Co and Hudong Zhonghua Shipbuilding Co.

In October, China State Shipbuilding Corp, China Investment Corp and Carnival Corp, the world's biggest cruise operator, signed an agreement to invest total 25.5 billion yuan ($3.85 billion) to build a super luxury cruise ship. It was also the first order of this kind Chinese shipbuilding companies had ever received.

Dong Liwan, a shipbuilding industry researcher at Shanghai Maritime University, said with the orders for high-value-added ships continuing to go to Chinese shipyards, their South Korean competitors will definitely feel the pinch.

China's shipbuilding business is also moving from quantity to quality, as the industry is becoming more intelligent and environmentally friendly.

"China's shipbuilding industry is realizing the transformation with its hardworking spirit to achieve technical breakthrough and innovation," said Sun Licheng, president of China Classification Society.

"While maintaining growth, it is realizing production mode transformation, structural adjustment and transformation, and upgrading, and reinforcing China's shipbuilding status in the world."

Sun said the goal is to become a strong shipbuilding country by 2020, and to accelerate the development of advanced intelligent manufacturing and industrial equipment capability.

At the recent All China Maritime Conference and Exhibition, China State Shipbuilding Corporation has delivered the world's first smart ship, Great Intelligence, with a loading capacity of 38,800 metric tons.

Meanwhile, COSCO Dalian shipyard has signed orders with Thordon Bearings, a marine industry solution provider for its water lubricated propeller shaft bearings, which can use seawater as the lubrication medium instead of oil that could cause pollution.

Alex Li, managing director of CY Engineering Co Ltd, Thordon Bearings' partner in China, said that the latest order is a significant sign showing Chinese shipbuilders' commitment to reducing industry-borne emissions and pollutants. - China Daily”
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