The US fast losing its global influence

Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro holds a copy of the country's constitution as he speaks during a news conference at Miraflores Palace in Caracas December 30, 2014.
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VeneCouncil must take action to stem the human rights and humanitarian crisis

José Miguel Vivanco
Executive Director, Americas Division@JMVivancoHRW
Today's meeting of members of the UN Security Council meeting on the Venezuela crisis provides a unique opportunity to focus attention on the widespread abuses the government of President Nicolás Maduro is committing. Without strong, multilateral pressure, the human rights and humanitarian crisis will only get worse. Here are the issues the council should focus on:
The regime’s descent into authoritarian rule. There are no independent institutions left to act as a check on executive power in Venezuela ... for more, go to

The US fast losing its global influence

KUALA LUMPUR (November 2017): The US is slowly but surely losing its global political influence due to its own doing.

After meddling into the internal affairs of one too many sovereign states after World War II (WWll), the rest of the world is beginning to see the true American agenda of meddling and waging wars.

Note this statement by José Miguel Vivanco, Executive Director, Americas Division@JMVivancoHRW:

“The regime’s descent into authoritarian rule. There are no independent institutions left to act as a check on executive power in Venezuela …”

Doesn’t the above sounds awfully familiar? A “Saddam Hussein” in the making by the US in Venezuela?

I Love Malaysia-China Silk Road notes that the US global political propaganda and strategy was now focused on sabotaging China’s global economic interest and influence.

In the coming articles, I Love Malaysia-China Silk Road will highlight how pro-American news have been spun to derail China’s global economic charge.

And the US see China’s multi-billion-dollar One Belt One Road (OBOR) initiative as a threat to its global political position and influence.

Already, the majority of Asian countries are actively working with China on various fields of economic and infrastructure development via OBOR.

We can expect to see the US step up its aggressive propaganda to demonise China’s economic interests and investments.

However, we are certain that the US will fail in the 21st Century Cold War with the China-Russia Combo.

Here is a pro-US Reuters report as posted by The Star Online:

"Russia, China, others boycott U.S. meeting at U.N. on Venezuela

Tuesday, 14 Nov 2017
7:21 AM MYT
by michelle nichols

UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - Russia, China, Egypt and Bolivia boycotted an informal public United Nations Security Council meeting on Venezuela on Monday organised by the United States, saying the 15-member body should not be involved in the situation.

"The issue is about meddling with the internal domestic affairs of Venezuela," Russian U.N. Ambassador Vassily Nebenzia told reporters, adding that he hoped the country could settle its issues peacefully without any external interference.

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley told the meeting: "The fact that the (Venezuelan) government would go so far as to try and get people not to show up to a meeting is guilt. And that's unfortunate."

Venezuela is suffering from a harsh economic crisis and President Nicolas Maduro's government has clamped down on the opposition, jailing or otherwise barring from office many dissenting leaders and activists.

His popularity has been pounded lower by triple-digit inflation and acute food and medicine shortages.

"We received pressure from regional partners not to have this meeting," Haley said. "This goal is not to degrade anyone. This is not to humiliate a region. This is only to lift up the region."

Uruguay's Deputy U.N. Ambassador Luis Bermudez attended the U.N. meeting, but said his country did not believe the situation in Venezuela was a threat to international peace and security.

Venezuela's U.N. Ambassador Rafael Dario Ramirez spoke to reporters as the meeting was being held, flanked by Nebenzia, Chinese Deputy U.N. Ambassador Wu Haitao and Bolivian U.N. Ambassador Sacha Sergio Llorentty Soliz.

"The meeting is a hostile and clearly interfering act of the United States that undermines the principle of sovereignty of a member state of the U.N.," Ramirez said. "We condemn this act of political manipulation."

European Union foreign ministers approved economic sanctions, including an arms embargo, on Venezuela on Monday, saying regional elections last month marred by reported irregularities had deepened the country's crisis.

The United States has also imposed targeted sanctions on top Venezuelan officials.

The U.N. Security Council also met behind closed doors in May, at Washington's request, to discuss the crisis in Venezuela.

(Reporting by Michelle Nichols; Editing by James Dalgleish)

How UN Becomes a Tool of a Few to Meddle in Internal Affairs of Other Countries
20:31 22.09.2017(updated 23:36 22.09.2017)
While the US is pushing ahead with the idea of United Nations reform the real problem is that the organization has become a tool in the hands of a few to impose their will on other countries, Chinese expert Yang Mian told Sputnik, adding that the organization needs to boost the efficiency of its peacekeeping and humanitarian missions. While the United Nations (UN) does need to carry out some reforms the major problem with the organization is that some powers are using its bodies to meddle in the domestic affairs of other countries, Chinese Communications Ministry expert Yang Mian told Sputnik China, adding that Beijing and other developing countries oppose such an approach … for more, go to