Whatever analysts say, the China-Russia Combo is keeping the US world hegemony in check!

 Whatever analysts say, the China-Russia Combo is keeping the US world hegemony in check!

https://youtu.be/JDNr8rIQXAo (Crisis & Chaos: Are We Moving Toward World War III?)

https://youtu.be/P66R1iemqK4 (3 Triangle of power: US - CHINA - RUSSIA in 2017)

KUALA LUMPUR (October 2017): As some had put it, the global peace hinges on the balance of the super powers.

Clearly, the 21st Century Cold War is between the US and the China-Russia Combo.

And China’s fast growing global economic and military influence in the past three decades has rattled the US so much that the No.1 super power’s geo-political agenda is to demonise the Chinese.

While the US has stepped up its propaganda against China’s economy and military, its tracks are somewhat restrained by the China-Russia Combo.

That is what is keeping the war-waging US in check from its violent tendency and threat to global peace. But for how long?

The above video clip titled “Crisis & Chaos: Are We Moving Towards World War III?” features controversial geo-political analyst George Friedman.

For what’s it’s worth, the video clip, posted on YouTube on April 25, 2017, has garnered 132,400 views as at Oct 3, 2017 6.57am, 946,186 shares and 525 comments with 946 likes and 186 dislikes.

And, I Love Malaysia-China Silk Road opines that whatever analysts say, the China-Russia Combo is keeping the US world hegemony in check!

We have also included another YouTube video clip titled “3 Triangle of power: US - CHINA - RUSSIA in 2017” that was posted on Jan 4, 2017, but fewer viewed for whatever reasons.

Here’s latest four comments posted on the George Friedman video clip:

Jes Simms
4 months ago (edited)

A lot of people insult George Friedman for his work. I guess the predictions are to inconceivable for them but his arguments are sound. Read his 'Next 100 Years' book.

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rey sotomayor4 months ago

Russia has zero debt u.s. is with almost 20 trillion debt u.s. economy is its worst moments in history ... people in in the u.s. lives under the line of poverty with minimum wages .. they don't want you to know that...
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14miki4 months ago

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rey sotomayor4 months ago

this guy only talks things in favor of u.s. if Russia is weak country like he says why the hell u.s. don't attack or invade like they did with Libia, Irak, Syria, etc etc …


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