Shame on you, Europeans! Can’t compete, you only know how to whine and complaint!

BERLIN — With a faint electric whir, Iris Marossek pedals her bicycle through concrete apartment blocks in the heart of old East Berlin, delivering mail to 1,500 people a day. Painted yellow and black like a bumble bee, her bicycle is a nod to both past and future. It is decorated with an image of a curving black horn, harking back to earlier centuries when German postal workers trumpeted their arrival. But the twin battery packs under her seat also reveal it is more than the average bike. Ms. Marossek rides one of the 6,200 e-bikes in service for Deutsche Post, the German mail service. E-bikes use electric motors to make them easier to pedal and have been gaining popularity in bike-loving countries like Germany, appealing to older people, delivery businesses and commuters who don’t want to sweat. For more go to 

Shame on you, Europeans! Can’t compete, you only know how to whine and complaint!

KUALA LUMPUR (October 2017): Just because you can’t compete you start whining and complaining! Shame on you, Europeans.

What happened to all that talk or propaganda about free trade. If China manufacturers can produce cheaper and more affordable electronic bikes (e-bikes) why complain?

Cheaper e-bikes benefit all consumers, no? You Europeans are just plain selfish and greedy to try and deny European consumers of a cheaper product.

You are selfish because you only think of profits, not the interest and benefit of consumers.

I Love Malaysia-China Silk Road finds it obnoxious that European e-bike manufacturers are complaining to the European Commission (EU) that China-made e-bikes are being sold at excessively low prices allegedly with the help of subsidies.

Whatever the reason for China to be able to sell its e-bikes cheaper to consumers is their trade secret backed by economies of scale.

Moreover, they say two can play the same game and there are many ways to skin a cat.

If you don’t have the brain, knowledge or skill to compete, that’s your own problem, isn’t it? So, stop whining and stop making yourselves look uneducated and uncivilised.

Or, perhaps, you can look for viable players in China’s multi-billion-dollar One Belt One Road (OBOR) initiative players to go into joint-ventures (JVs) to compete?

It’s better to put your efforts and time to come up with ways to come up with better economies of scale to compete. If you are too incompetent to do so, get out and find other businesses.

The world does not owe you anything or a living, you Europeans!

Exclusive interview with Wang Wei, the Vice President in AIMA Hi-tech Recently at the G20 summit in Turkey, President Xi announced the “China Plan” of boosting the sluggish global growth and enhancing global economic governance. On November 20th in Zurich, AIMA Hi-Tech, the No.1 Chinese E-bike brand officially launched business in Switzerland. It’s the first Chinese E-bike flagship in Europe through Sino-Swiss FTA. “From the China No.1 to the World No.1” is the slogan this time. The whole world witnessed the spectacular AIMA Globalization Strategy Press Conference in the AIMA Flagship Opening Ceremony. It marked the official entering of Chinese E-bike into the European market …for more, go to 

Here’s a Reuters’ report posted by The Star Online on the moronic European e-bike manufacturers:

"EU e-bike makers make complaint against Chinese imports

Monday, 2 Oct 2017
6:38 AM MYT

BRUSSELS: European producers of electronic bikes (e-bikes) have filed a complaint with the European Commission against cheap Chinese e-bike imports, saying that they are sold in the bloc at excessively low prices with the help of unfair subsidies.

The European Bicycle Manufacturers Association (EBMA) lodged the complaint alleging dumping of e-bikes by Chinese companies which they say are flooding the market at prices sometimes below the cost of production.

The Commission has until late October to determine whether to start an investigation.

The EBMA is also preparing a related complaint alleging illegal subsidies and asking for registration of Chinese e-bike imports, which could allow eventual duties to be backdated.

Such an investigation would be the latest in a string of probes into Chinese exports ranging from solar panels to steel and could raise trade tensions with Beijing, particularly with a subsidy inquiry into the support provided by the Chinese state.

Bicycles have already been a flashpoint. The EU blamed China last December for scuppering a global environmental trade deal by insisting that bicycles be included as a tariff-free green product. Chinese conventional bicycles have been subject to EU anti-dumping duties since 1993.

The EBMA says more than 430,000 Chinese e-bikes were sold in European Union in 2016, a 40 percent increase on the previous year, and forecasts the figure will rise to around 800,000 in 2017.

EBMA secretary-general Moreno Fioravanti said Europeans buy some 20 million bicycles per year, of which about 10 percent are now e-bikes, with the potential to rise to a quarter within five years.

European companies had pioneered the pedal-assist technology that e-bikes use and had invested about 1 billion euros ($1.2 billion) last year, he said, but was risking losing its industry to China.

"Today the European bikes are the best in the world and we have to invest every year to renew the range. The Chinese are getting the money from the government and the subsidies have an impact of 30, 40, even 50 percent of the price of the product," Fioravanti said.

"You have subsidies, which generate overcapacity, which generate dumping," he said. - Reuters"

Electric bikes could grow from 200 million today to 2 billion in 2050
There are 200 million electric bicycles ridden today and most are in China. China has had annual sales of about 30 million bikes sold for several years but about 25 million are replacements for worn out bikes. Growth exists, but it has slowed greatly. The Electric Bike Worldwide Report predicts that the electric bike industry is poised to grow to 2 billion by 2050. Eventually 84 million e-bikes could be sold each year. China is the world’s largest manufacturer of bicycles and electric vehicles, with sales of up to 80,000,000 units, accounting for 80% of global turnover. Today some 700 Chinese companies manufacture e-bikes. According to China Bicycle Association (CBA), the top ten e-bike companies accounted for 47% of the total production in 2014. China has some 200 million e-bikes running on the road totaling CNY 100 billion (14bn euro) in value, a tenfold increase from 2005. The value of the entire upstream and downstream industry chain has reached CNY 200 billion (28bn euro) … for mor, go to 


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